2014, Toys


Our little friend must make an important choice…and he holds the instrument to carry out his decision.
What bunny’s choice is and what the implications of his decision will be is for you to decide. 

The CHOICES vinyl figure has been a hit worldwide since it’s debut at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, where both the SDCC exclusive variant & the preview editions of the figure sold out. We were thrilled when CHOICES topped several critics’ lists as the best ‘designer vinyl’ release of the year and won Best Vinyl at the 2015 Designer Toy Awards.


Shadow – The Choices figure in a shadow-black colorway. The ‘Shadow’ variant is limited to only 250 pieces.

Fur (flocked) – The ‘Fur’ Flocked Edition sports a light and lovely coat of fur! Gentle flocking covers this little bunny, soft to the touch and easy on the eyes. The ‘Fur’ Edition is extremely limited to only 125 pieces.

Dero Skin – The ‘Dero Skin’ Edition cleverly resembles the original colorway of Jermaine’s other famous character, Dero! Limited to only 25 pieces

Phantom (Clear) – Limited to just 100 pieces

Glow in the Dark –  Limited to just 75 pieces

Unpainted –