2013, Toys

Creeping Dero

Creeping Dero is a meticulously hand painted original resin sculpt. The figure measures approximately 10”x 5” and comes packaged in a screen printed box with label art by Jermaine Rogers.

The Creeping: Deity series is a re-sized & streamlined sculpt, cast in various combinations of resin.


Dero Skin (regular) – Limited to 100 pieces

Shadow (black) –  Limited to 50 pieces

Phantom (clear) – Limited to 30 pieces

Creeping Deity: Spirit – Cast in striking crystal-clear resin which contains inside the ‘spirit’: wispy and black swirls…it’s dark essence hovering about within it. Limited to 25 pieces.

Creeping Deity: Talisman – The 2nd piece in the Creeping Dero: Deity series, TALISMAN is crafted in a custom ‘jade’ resin. Limited to 25 pieces.

Creeping Deity: Spectre –  Water-clear resin cast with custom Glow-In-The-Dark resin swirled throughout it’s interior. Each figure is filled with GID patterns that make them one of a kind. ‘Spectre’ measures 7 inches long and is limited to 50 pieces.

Creeping Deity: Plasma – Limited to 25 hand-signed, numbered and remarqued pieces, each 7” figure features ethereal ‘plasma’ seemingly flowing effortlessly within the water-clear Dero cast.

Creeping Deity: Dryad – Invokes the power of nature with a wood-inspired design.  Limited to 25 pieces