2011, Art Prints

Gimme Some Peace

Measuring approx. 24×16 inches, this screen print is part of a signed and numbered edition of only 100 prints.

Jermaine says: ‘Eddie really liked this one. It reminded him of someone. It was supposed to.’

With allusions to John Lennon, this image strives to remind us that we are only temporary…just a passing fad that future beings will investigate. We may as well make the best of our time, here…and act like human beings. Or maybe, DON’T act like human beings


Mini Art Prints:

  • OPAL Edition – Printed on Stardream Opal stock.
  • GRAPE Edition – Printed on French Grape stock.
  • Scarlet Edition – Printed on French red stock.
  • Gold Foil Edition – Printed on Gold Foil stock.
  • Rainbow Foil Edition – Printed on holographic Rainbow Foil stock.
  • Blue Raspberry Edition – Printed on French Blue Raspberry stock.
  • French Green Edition – Printed on French Green stock.
  • KEYLINE Edition – Printed on Gallery COTTON RAG.