2011, Art Prints

I’m Not Like Them…

ermaine was one of the artists commissioned for the “NIRVANA: Taking Punk to The Masses” exhibit by the Experience Music Project (with approval from the Cobain estate.) This print is entitled, ‘I’m Not Like Them…’ and measures approx. 24×18 inches.

About the imagery, Jermaine says:

‘Sometimes it’s hard to remember that everyone we know is basically the result of whatever happened to them when they were a child. Everyone around you is a child… deformed, in a way, by age and experience. Little Kurt was a boy who would be king… a king with a rusty crown. It might’ve been better if he’d been a plumber… or an accountant. Oh, the selfish part of us won’t even tolerate that idea… but it might’ve been better. A life is worth something. It’s worth something.’