2011, Art Prints


This print is screen printed on gallery white stock and measures approx. 22 x 20 inches.

About the imagery, Jermaine said:

‘I primarily wanted this image to be a message to Californians (this image was also used on a WEEN poster for their recent show in Los Angeles). It’s just a friendly reminder to be fair…and to be leaders. MLK said that a ‘right deferred is a right denied’. The next time you get the chance, California…lead the way. Be fair. With so much scandalous hate in the world, I find it strange that some folks get so bent out of shape when two people decide that they just want to love each other. Adult to adult, consensual LOVE. Why do you care?’ 

From a signed and numbered edition of only 50 prints.


Gold Matte Foil – This poster is printed on gold matte foil stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 25 prints.

Diamond Dust Edition – Diamond Dusting is a meticulous process by which hundreds (perhaps thousands) of small polished crystals are adhered to enamel elements in the imagery of a print. This creates a rich, glittery image and adds an entirely new 3rd dimension to the print. This process was popularized in the 1970’s and 1980’s by Andy Warhol. From a very limited signed and numbered edition of only 8 prints.

Defaced Edition – NOTE: These prints are hand defaced by the artists with pencil, ink, and whatever other thing may strike his fancy at the time. They are not meant to be ‘pretty’. Expect an ugly mess of ‘honesty’. From an edition of only 10.