2013, Gig Posters

Queens of the Stone Age – Indianapolis 2013

This 29×23 inch piece is screen printed on gallery cream stock. This piece sold out quickly at the show: a limited number of artist proofs remain available.

About the imagery, Jermaine says:

‘I formulated this image around lyrics from the QOTSA song ‘Fairweather Friends’, as I have firsthand experience with these types: I’m sure many of you have danced a few rounds with them, too. You know, It’s a rare thing in this life to find the human being who shoots straight and really sticks around for the duration, through plenty and lean. A lot of folks leave nothing behind but bad memories and the proverbial ‘knife’ in your back. Funny enough, if you can get your head right, you learn to take pride in those scars. They make you tougher…and wiser. You grab ahold of those truly ‘real’ things in your life, grip them close, and just keep moving on down that road.’


HOLOGRAPHIC FOIL VARIANT – (s/n edition of 30 pieces)

UNCUT TEST PRINTS – measuring approx. 26×40 inches. These are TEST PRINTS! They are meant to be imperfect, as they are a part of the refining process. Paper is in MINT condition. Signed by Jermaine Rogers

MINI PRINT –┬áMeasuring approx. 9.5×8 inches, this piece is screen printed on gallery stock & is signed by Jermaine Rogers.