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  Thursday January 21st 2016

(First come / first served)


- PRIMUS (Houston 2016) - 

- PRIMUS (Houston 2016) GOLD VARIANT - 

- Jermaine Rogers 2016 Mini-Print/Handbill Subscription - 


- PRIMUS (Houston 2016) -

      Jermaine was commissioned by the legendary band PRIMUS to create the limited edition print for their recent appearance in Houston, Texas (on tour with the band TOOL). This silk screened poster measures approx. 26x16 inches and is printed on French speckletone cream stock.

Regarding the striking imagery, Jermaine says:

'Deep in a patch of woods far away, the back-and-forth volleys between a singular herd of bunnies and a gaze of raccoons has taken a decidedly disturbing turn. Blood has been given & difficult choices made on either side. But choices have consequences. When fate plays into the hands of a scavenging coon, new questions arise. Must the innocent suffer for the decisions of their fathers? Is there another way? Time will tell.' - jr

      From a signed and numbered edition of only 75 pieces. First come / first served.
- 50.00 plus shipping/handling

- PRIMUS (Houston 2016) GOLD VARIANT -

     This silk screened poster measures approx. 26x16 inches and is printed on Stardream Antique Gold stock, with a metallic hue. 

From a signed and numbered edition of only 30 pieces. First come / first served.
- 90.00 plus shipping/handling

- Jermaine Rogers 2016 Mini-Print/Handbill Subscription -

 From Jermaine:

      'In 1996, I began yearly poster subscriptions under a thing I called the 'Poster Club'. In 2006, i discontinued the yearly poster subscription in order to make more time to pursue other interests (painting, vinyl figures, writing, etc.). Many people were upset with me for doing that, but I needed to follow my gut, so there it was. Since then, I have been asked repeatedly to offer yearly poster subscriptions again. I have no plans to do that. But for 2016, I am making available 100 Mini-Print/Handbill subscriptions, on a first come / first served basis.'

      Here's what the subscription entitles you to:

          - Includes one of each REGULAR EDITION mini-print/handbill released in 2016
                         (mini-prints/handbills measure 12 x 12 inches and smaller ).

          - Includes 4 mini-prints/handbills which will be available only to subscribers.

          - Includes 5 random variants 

      Each subscriber will receive a total of (at least) 25 mini-prints/handbills. Cost is 250.00 plus 50.00 shipping/handling costs (50.00 shipping costs covers the entire year). Mailings will occur every 4 months, beginning in April 2016: a total of 3 packages over the year. 

      Total shipping costs will be paid up front and will be added to original payment (note: additional shipping charges will be added to international subscribers ). Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be given on this subscription.  - 300.00

NOTE: All of the above will be made available:

   Thursday January 21st, 2015

(First come / first served)
**NOTE: There will be 2 or 3 surprise items made available, as well. Keep your eyes open!**


That's it for now. 

      One last word from Jermaine:

'David Bowie. There's so much I could say about that many things I'd like to say. None of them would satisfy the reality of what that strange and wonderful energy was. I'll just say this: shortly after I'd found out he the wee hours of the dark, winter morning, I had a distressing thought. 'David Bowie died. Oh my goodness...he DIED. If David Bowie can die, anyone can die. I can die. I will die.' Now, I know that sounds like a stupid train of thought: reading it back, it seems pretty trite to me. But at the time, it was a really heavy thought. A heavy feeling. It was a privilege to soak in the man's work, and an absolute honor to create work directly for him in 2004. I'm still very much in a period of mourning, if you will...I think I always will be, to some extent. His life's work meant that much to me. My words don't justify the adoration.' - jr

      Coming soon, a new and very special project that Jermaine was honored to be a part of, a new art print release, and something fresh for you art toy/resin heads. Once again, Happy New Year! 

R.I.P. David Bowie
- us

'Live Suspiciously.'
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