2011, Art Prints

Four Horsemen

About the artwork, Jermaine said the following: 

‘There’s a million ways we could off ourselves…if one of several tribal ‘gods’ don’t do us first. All of the belief systems on our little world have one thing in common: one day (and soon), their god is going to come and save them while simultaneously getting rid of everyone else. 

The prominent belief system in this country (USA) revolves around a certain holy book in particular. That book tells a wonderful little story about ‘Four Horsemen’ who’s trauma-inducing ‘ride’ during the final days would signal ‘the end’. I decided to visually interpret this passage in my own way.

 I wonder how long human beings have been fascinated with ending themselves?’


DEFACED & Keyline Tests – Measuring approx. 30.5×24 inches, these bxw keyline tests are a rarity in themselves. This linework for this piece was so fine and intricate in some spots that much care was given to this particular screen in the printing process. Several tests of the bxw keyline were run to perfect the look. Eventually, an edition of 10 bxw pieces were released. They have also been defaced by Jermaine Rogers with various drawings and scribbles, rendering them worthless.

Mini Art Prints (Speckletone, Stardream Gold  & Stardream Opal Variants) – Measuring 10×8 inches, this classic image is finally available in an officially released mini print format. Signed by Jermaine Rogers.