2015, Art Prints


‘Losing’ is the second print in the ongoing ‘Day Sketch’ series. This piece is screen printed on gallery stock and measures approx. 24 x 18 inches.

About the imagery, Jermaine says the following:
‘So, I lost myself one time and it took years to find me again. As it turns out, I was using my life to make other peoples grand dreams come true, instead of my own. Those were weird days. Every so often, I would see an open window materialize in the distance. It would just hang there in mid-air, only to fade away after a little while. I wouldn’t see it again for months, sometimes years. And then, with no warning, there it would be. It appeared at the strangest times and always, after a little while, it would fade away. I was somewhat afraid of it. 
One particularly horrible evening, I saw the window appear. I had a strange mixture of sadness and curiosity brewing that night…and I decided to jump through the window. It was cramped, and there was some broken glass. I bled a little. 
I crawled outside, hit the ground on my own 2 feet, and I ran and ran…until I couldn’t run anymore. After a while, I turned around and looked back, but the window wasn’t there anymore. What a close call! I might’ve lost myself for good.’ 
– jr 

‘Losing’ is part of a limited signed and numbered edition of 100 pieces. A small number of prints will be randomly remarqued. A select number will be defaced.
This print is specially priced for all budgets.