2013, Gig Posters

Queens of the Stone Age – Antwerp 2013

On Nov. 25, 2013, Queens Of The Stone Age played their largest headline show to date in Antwerp, Belgium. Jermaine Rogers was commissioned by the band to create the limited edition print for this show.

Measuring approx. 29×21 inches, this piece is printed on gallery white stock. It is from a signed and numbered edition of only 75 pieces.

Since the image debuted online, several folks have sent emails and messages to Jermaine inquiring about the artistic depiction of the bands frontman, Josh Homme.

Regarding the imagery, Jermaine says:
‘Yes, there is some significance intended in the various aspects of the image. The fence, the balloon, and even Josh’s skeleton hands, they are all included for a reason. There is no ‘filler’ here: visually, I wanted to say what I did in the most straightforward, simplistic way I could. The print felt good. But I’d rather people come up with their own interpretations. Let the thing say what it means to you. What I was thinking is academic, and I’ll even admit that it would be instructive to some folks. But what it means to you is what’s more important. I will say that the art was inspired by the QOTSA song, ‘The Vampyre Of Time & Memory’. That song is simultaneously about helplessness and absolute control…at least to me. Things spiraling away from your grasp…but the firm acceptance of the whole thing. It’s a beautiful sadness.’ 


Stars Variant – In addition to this regular edition, the VARIANT ‘Stars’ edition sports a lovely twilight fade in the background, revealing a starry sky. This variant edition is limited to only 50 signed and numbered pieces.

GOLD ‘REGULAR’ FOIL – This is the REGULAR version of this piece, printed on GOLD MATTE FOIL stock. Approx. 29×21 inches from a signed and numbered edition of only 20 pieces.

MINI ART PRINT – Mini screen print edition on white gallery stock. Measures approx. 9.5 x 7 inches. Signed by Jermaine Rogers.