2015, Gig Posters

Puscifer – Austin 2015

Jermaine Rogers was recently commissioned to create a poster, for the amazing band Puscifer and their show in Austin, TX.

The band (a side-project of TOOL front-man Maynard James Keenan) has just released a new album, and the current tour is one of the most talked about in recent months. When commissioning artwork, Maynard requested that, if possible, a Luchador (Mexican wrestler) theme could be worked into the imagery. Jermaine obliged, showcasing a mighty ‘Lucha libre’ warrior in the desert at twilight, opening his mind and embracing his oneness with everything around him…all with the assistance of a little ‘desert button’ (aka) peyote. The image is printed using warm, rich inks…for an earthy and surreal look which hums with vibrancy.

Measuring approx. 30×22 inches poster is printed on French speckletone cream stock. Signed and numbered by Jermaine, from a very limited edition of only 50 pieces.


SHATTERED FOIL Variant – Measuring approx. 30×22 inches, the image is printed on Shattered FOIL stock. Signed and numbered by Jermaine, from an edition of only 20 pieces.